The Application of Fibreglass in Homes and Public Places

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What is fibreglass?

Fibreglass is a man-made material that comprises of glass reinforced plastic. The actual ingredients can differ as there are a variety of types available on the market today but they are essentially all very similar and can be chosen for their known properties. Fibreglass has many uses both in the home and in public places, most often being used to manufacture, reinforce or repair items that we see around us every day. More about this material you can read on Wikipedia.

Design, style and versatility

Fibreglass is such a wonderful product as it has an almost endless range of uses due to the fact that it can be moulded and shaped into many different shapes and sizes. This highly versatile material has altered the way many everyday items have been manufactured and allowed advances in design to come through. Fibreglass is strong, lightweight and can be formed in any color, it can be tooled, moulded, injected and used as either a finished product or as part of a product. Modern designers love the way that fibreglass works and are constantly experimenting with it, making new and exciting items.

Maintenance free and affordable

Because items made from fibreglass are mostly maintenance free it also means that fibreglass is an affordable material to use in homes and public places. Fibreglass stands up well to temperature changes, constant or heavy use and also has a great strength to weight ratio. Resistant to mould, water, rust and other factors that can cause malfunctions, fibreglass has an extremely long life span. Take for instance a seat made from wood, over years it would need to be sanded down and re-varnished to keep it weather proofed and in pristine condition. The same seat made from fibreglass would need no staining, varnishing or special treatment just an occasional wipe with a damp cloth.

Limitless potential for uses both in the home and in public places

Imagine having a material that you could make a boat from one week, designer seating for your garden the next week and the following week you could make an ultra modern sculpture – that is fibreglass, such is its composition that it has more uses than we could ever imagine. With limitless potential fibreglass has been hailed as revolutionary by many designers. Fibreglass fans love the way it feels, looks and the amount of shapes and sizes it can be produced in. Those against fibreglass find that it lacks the character that natural or organic materials have, much like plastic.


When compared to plastic or metal fibreglass has superior acoustic properties and also can be used to actual deaden or muffle sounds if necessary. As a man made material fibreglass is exceptionally tough and stable, it performs well under most conditions and does not swell or twist as other materials would do. Fibreglass with a gel moulding finish is particularly suited to extreme conditions because of its corrosion-resistant properties and the fact that it is chemically inert at all times.

Fibreglass in the future

Fibreglass is sure to be a material that we will see a lot in the future, as society demands longer lasting and cheaper products. Fibreglass is cheaper than natural alternatives, easy to produce and available in a huge choice of colors. Fibreglass as a material for home and public places is something that you either love or hate and will be around for a very long time.

we found numerous examples of the use of fibreglass for sculptures, furniture items, mouldings and more. Take a look and enjoy the variety of colors and shapes:


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